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Dig In Discipleship - Pray this Way

Pray this Way explores Matthew 6:7–13, where Jesus teaches us that talking to God is a gift rather than a rule to follow. Prayer is a thoughtful conversation with our Lord and Saviour who loves us, listens to us and speaks into our lives.

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The Cross

An engaging resource for older teens which shows why the cross of Jesus is central to every aspect of the Christian faith.


The Spirit — Giver of Life

In his easy-to-read style, Edward Surrey uses stories, humour, and loads of the Bible to teach us about the Holy Spirit.


What If?

This easy-to-read book gives the beginnings of answers to some of life's biggest questions.


Colour the Word

Be inspired and take time out to colour and create with these beautiful hand-drawn illustrations featuring some of the Bible’s most uplifting words.


Dig In Discipleship - Keep On Keeping On

Keep On Keeping On unpacks Hebrews 12:1–6, which encourages us to keep following Jesus, even when it’s hard.

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Exodus YW Bible Study

This study explores the events in the book of Exodus. 11 studies.

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REAP Journal - Youth Edition

If you’re training to be an athlete, you’ll no doubt have a daily workout or regime. So, how do you train to be godly? By devoting yourself to the word of God and being disciplined in allocating time to its study and meditation!


You: An Introduction

It's never been more complicated—or more confusing—to be a human, and it's never been harder to answer the question of who You are. But in You: An introduction, Michael Jensen sets about doing just that.


A Life Already Started

Positive paths in unplanned pregnancy


A Sneaking Suspicion (Fifth Edition)

John Dickson's classic inquiry into the Christian faith is as relevant as ever in our post-modern, relativistic age.

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