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A Short Book About Jesus

Paul Barnett assesses the historical evidence for the existence of Jesus; the truthfulness of the Gospel accounts; and the plausibility of the historical case that can be made for the rise of Christianity as a result of Jesus’ ministry.


Human Sexuality and the 'Same Sex Marriage' Debate

Written by the Sydney Diocesan Doctrine Commission to address human sexuality and the 'Same Sex Marriage' Debate from a Biblical standpoint.


Rise Up and Rock (CD)

Classic kids songs to encourage kids to know God's truth and grow in Christ.


The Spirit — Giver of Life

In his easy-to-read style, Edward Surrey uses stories, humour, and loads of the Bible to teach us about the Holy Spirit.


Walking in Truth and Love (Lenten Studies)

In these 40 daily devotions, David Mulready explores the three letters of John, and the call of Jesus' followers to walk in truth and love. Studies for Lent and other times.