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Think Faith is a digitised resource issued under a subscription licence on a calendar-year basis.

The curriculum is suitable for High School SRE and secondary biblical studies classes in independent schools. It aims to:

  • engage students with the Bible
  • encourage students to think more deeply about the beliefs and tenets of the Christian faith
  • provide students with opportunities to develop skills in Christian practices
  • provide students with the tools to consider issues from a Christian world view
  • help students connect their learning with how Christians are called to live.

Think Faith comes with full teaching plans, lesson tips and printable student worksheets. There are four units of eight lessons (or ‘stillas’), including an introductory lesson and landing lesson. There are also Seminars available for Stage 4, 5 and 6.

Samples from Stage 4A (for years 7–8)

Samples from Stage 5A (for years 9–10)

Sample from Stage 6 (for years 11–12)

For more info and to register your interest in Think Faith, go to or call CEP sales on 02 8268 3344. An estimate of your student numbers must be provided.

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