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Dig In Discipleship - Battle Gear

Battle Gear unpacks Ephesians 6:13-18 and gets us thinking about our position on the spiritual battlefield of life. Protected by God’s armour, we can fight against Satan’s attacks and be reminded that following Jesus, even in the hard times, is worth it!

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Dig In Discipleship - Follow the Leader

Follow the Leader focusses on Philippians 2:5–11, getting pre-teens to examine whether their own attitudes mirror the loving, servant heart of Jesus.

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Dig In Discipleship - Good Advice

Good Advice! unpacks Proverbs 3:1-6, which teaches us how to make good choices about whose advice we follow. Each verse reminds us that, while life isn't always easy, we can trust Jesus to 'make our paths straight'.

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Dig In Discipleship - Keep On Keeping On

Keep On Keeping On unpacks Hebrews 12:1–6, which encourages us to keep following Jesus, even when it’s hard.

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Dig In Discipleship - Pastures, Paths & Parties

Pastures, Paths and Parties unpacks Psalm 23, exploring the concept of God as our good and loving shepherd. It explains why God needed to send Jesus and celebrates God’s great promise of eternal life.

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Dig In Discipleship - Pray this Way

Pray this Way explores Matthew 6:7–13, where Jesus teaches us that talking to God is a gift rather than a rule to follow. Prayer is a thoughtful conversation with our Lord and Saviour who loves us, listens to us and speaks into our lives.

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Dig In Discipleship - True Identity

True Identity unpacks Colossians 3:12–17 that teaches us how to live as children of God. Each verse reminds us of our true identity and the actions that spring from our position in God’s family.

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Fearlessly Madison

In this delightful new adventure, Madison learns that no matter what our circumstances might be, we need not be afraid; God is with us.


Wonderfully Madison

Join Madison as she discovers that we are all fearfully and wonderfully made by a loving God, and a blessing to our families.