Digital Student Handbooks

Is your school exploring or transferring to digital curriculum delivery?

All of our High School student handbooks are now available in digital form.

Digital workbooks are available as a class set in an annual calendar-year subscription–and they are 15% cheaper than the same printed product.

Available are digital workbooks for:

  • Finding Your Way  (years 7–8)
  • Another Dimension  (years 7–9)
  • Mistaken Identity  (years 7–9)
  • War of the Spirit World  (years 8–10)
  • Your Sneaking Suspicions  (years 8–10)
  • The Psalms  (years 8–10)
  • If I Were God, I'd End All the Pain  (years 9–10)
  • You: An Introduction  (years 9–10)
  • Life in the Past Lane  (years 9–11)
  • The Good, the Bad and the Ethical  (years 9–11)
  • Teen Sex by the Book  (years 9–12)
  • Hope for a Shattered World  (years 10–12)
  • No Turning Back  (years 9–11)
  • A Spectator's Guide to World Religions  (years 10–12)
  • A Spectator's Guide to World Views  (years 10–12)
  • The Resurrection  (years 10–11)
  • The Cross  (years 10–12)
  • The Spirit: Giver of Life  (years 10–12)
  • 10:10  (years 11–12)

Please note: For iPad users, CEP recommends using our digital workbooks in Adobe Acrobat (free download here). iBook can open the PDF file, however the interactivity does not function due to iBook not recognising field data.

Contact us to obtain digital workbook samples or to discuss how we can meet your needs on (02) 8268 3344 or