Children's Ministry on the Front Foot

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Children's Ministry on the Front Foot
Ed. Zachary Veron

This book, by Zachary Veron, outlines 23 principles to inspire and encourage church leaders. Practical guidance is offered for all aspects of parish ministry with application guides at the end of each chapter for further reflection, planning and decision making.


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Product Code: 8192

ISBN: 978-1-925041-06-4

Format: Book

Released: Dec 31, 2012

Publisher/Imprint: Youthworks

Weight: 0.53kg

Every child’s greatest need is to know Jesus. But ministry to children can be a lot more complicated than this simple fact might at first suggest.

Especially in these modern times, there are many things to consider. How do we make children’s ministry an effective and owned part of the ministry of our church as a whole? How do we make sure our children’s ministries are well resourced? How do we help children to grow effectively as disciples of the Lord Jesus? What part does the Christian home have in children’s ministry? And how do we connect effectively with those our children’s ministries bring us into contact with?

These are just some of the questions raised in this practical and biblically sound guide, ideal for children’s ministers, church leaders and anyone passionate about children’s ministry. Application guides in each chapter also contain helpful questions, checklists and exercises to help you consider your own children’s ministry context.


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Author Spotlight: Rev Zachary Veron from Youthworks on Vimeo.


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