• Looking for an affordable gift to give someone searching for Jesus? 
  • Keen for a new resource to help in your personal devotions?
  • Are there new Christians in your church that you're meeting regularly with?

CEP is pleased to offer the following quality Australian publications at these clearance prices.  Only while stocks last.

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The Christ Files (DVD)

In this fascinating 2-disc DVD, John Dickson travels the globe to uncover the Jesus of history. How do we know what we know about this first century man? Is what we know reliable? John looks at the evidence and along the way speaks to the world's pre-eminent scholars of New Testament history.

$24.95 $15.00

Connect: A2 Upper Primary Student Secret Envelopes

This class set (30) of secret envelopes is to be used in conjunction with the Connect A2 Upper Primary program.

Connect A2 resources are currently being revised, and will not be available for purchase until May 2017. Please click on the button below to pre-order.

$9.95 $6.95

Jesus Rocks the World (DVD)

Colin's album "Jesus Rocks The World" has become a favourite across Australia and this DVD explodes with all the colour, energy and fun of it! It's a hit with kids of all ages!

$24.95 $14.95

Praise Pop Party (DVD)

Join Johnny and the cheeky puppets from Quiz Worx as they explain just what God has done for us, and how we should respond to Him. This lively concert performance contains all your favourite Johnny Burns songs with actions and energy to get kids singing and dancing.

$19.95 $12.95

666 and All That: The Truth About the Future

What we know of the future of the world is not as complex as many people think. '666 and all that' looks at what the Bible says (and does not say) about the future. Some readers will be disturbed, comforted, humbled and hopefully thrilled. A great read slashed to a ridiculously low price!

$8.95 $4.00