• Looking for an affordable gift to give someone searching for Jesus? 
  • Keen for a new resource to help in your personal devotions?
  • Are there new Christians in your church that you're meeting regularly with?

CEP is pleased to offer the following quality Australian publications at these clearance prices.  Only while stocks last.

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A Very Special Tent (CD)

Ben Pakula fuses Biblical theology with 'wacky hard rock', showing kids how the whole Bible is about Jesus Christ.

$19.95 $14.95

Rise Up and Rock (CD)

Classic kids songs to encourage kids to know God's truth and grow in Christ.

$19.95 $14.95

Praise Pop Party (DVD)

Join Johnny and the cheeky puppets from Quiz Worx as they explain just what God has done for us, and how we should respond to Him. This lively concert performance contains all your favourite Johnny Burns songs with actions and energy to get kids singing and dancing.

$19.95 $12.95

Like WOW! (CD)

With catchy tunes and easy-to-follow lyrics, this fun 24-track CD is perfect for teaching young Aussie kids to sing God’s praises. With themes like growing up with Jesus, feeling safe with Jesus and loving others, likeWOW! songs will fit easily into your kid’s church, playgroup or infant’s school program. Bonus backing tracks included.

$15.95 $9.95

Lovely Jubbly (CD)

Strictly limited stock - get it before it goes!

One of the UK’s leading children’s songwriters, Doug Horley's album features catchy pop tunes, jumpin’ dancin' tracks and action songs.

$19.95 $9.95

The Jesus Hokey Pokey (CD)

Australia's No 1 kids Christian artist is back as you've never heard him before with an all-new bundle of amazing, bible-packed songs.

$24.95 $19.95

We Will Follow Him (CD)

A diverse collection of easy-to-learn kids songs. Great for Sunday schools, scripture classes or for singing along in the car.

$19.95 $14.95

Jesus Rocks the World (CD)

Colin's done it again! Two CDs of fabulous original songs, memory verses and backing tracks.

$24.95 $19.95

Not Ashamed: 2 Timothy REMANDERED

These 17 daily readings on 2 Timothy are practical way to apply Scripture to your everyday life – with all its challenges and opportunities. In 2 Timothy, Paul encourages us to hold on to our faith in all circumstances without fear or shame. A great read slashed to a ridiculously low price!


Super Saviour (CD)

Pow! Bam! Look! It's Colin comin' at ya with 18 power-packed songs and mighty memory verses, all brimming with God's indestructible Bible truth.

$24.95 $19.95

Live In The Big Tent (CD)

Live In The Big Tent is Colin's first live album, featuring a number of his favourites. It's a Live singalong, Colin style!

$19.95 $15.95

10, 9, 8 … God is Great (CD)

Blast off with Colin Buchanan as he travels on a huge adventure to discover more about our great God. Songs include “God is everywhere”, “The crocodile song” and “10, 9, 8 … God is great”.

$24.95 $19.95

Let's Talk About Parenting

'Dad, can I go to the party?' 'Mum, where do babies come from?' Every day parents are confronted with decisions and questions as simple as what time should be bedtime, and as complex as their kids' self-worth.

$9.95 $6.00

666 and All That: The Truth About the Future

What we know of the future of the world is not as complex as many people think. '666 and all that' looks at what the Bible says (and does not say) about the future. Some readers will be disturbed, comforted, humbled and hopefully thrilled. A great read slashed to a ridiculously low price!

$8.95 $3.00

CEV Compact Youth Bible

Translated in contemporary English and with punchy introductions to each book of the Bible, this is the perfect fit for today's teen.

$11.95 $9.95