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666 and All That: The Truth About the Future

What we know of the future of the world is not as complex as many people think. '666 and all that' looks at what the Bible says (and does not say) about the future. Some readers will be disturbed, comforted, humbled and hopefully thrilled. A great read slashed to a ridiculously low price!

$8.95 $4.00

A Sneaking Suspicion (Fifth Edition)

John Dickson's classic inquiry into the Christian faith is as relevant as ever in our post-modern, relativistic age.

$15.95 $12.95

A Spectator's Guide to World Religions – Student Handbook

This student handbook contains a range of stimulating and thought-provoking activities designed to help the student wrestle with the claims of each religion. For years 10–12.


A Spectator's Guide to World Religions (Third Edition)

Written in John Dickson's characteristically non-technical and readable style, this book urges the reader to become more than mere spectators when approaching the religions of the world.


If I Were God, I'd End All the Pain

Why does God allow suffering? If God is all powerful and loving why is there so much pain in the world? In this short book John Dickson looks at what the world says about suffering before turning to the Bible to see what it says about God, justice and suffering.

$12.95 $9.95

If I Were God, I'd End All the Pain – Student Handbook

Suffering is a topic Christians and humanity have struggled with through the ages, and raises questions about the existence of God, his power and his love.. This student handbook contains interviews with people who have suffered, news articles, room for students to express questions and objections, Bible passages to explore and stunning illustrations. For years 9–10.


James: The Wisdom of the Brother of Jesus

More than most books in the Bible, James shoots straight from the hip. With little time for sophisticated rhetoric and fine argument, James simply and urgently calls on Christians to look like real believers.


Your Sneaking Suspicions – Student Handbook

This student handbook contains questions, quotes, cartoons and discussion ideas for a serious consideration of the Christian message and its implications for how we live our lives. For years 8–10.


Your Sneaking Suspicions – Teacher's Manual

There are so many ‘big questions’ in life — mostly about life itself, death, relationships, suffering and despair, forgiveness, meaning, religion and God. Your Sneaking Suspicions? prompts students to tackle such topics and draws on key biblical passages as well as John Dickson’s best-selling book to help them along the way. For years 8–10.