A Doubter’s Guide to World Religions (2nd edition) - Teacher's manual

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A Doubter’s Guide to World Religions (2nd edition) - Teacher's manual
Simon Smart (revised by Peter Wilson)

An intelligent, thought-through understanding of the teachings, history and beliefs of the world’s major faiths is relevant and necessary in our modern age, arguably more than ever. For stages 5–6.


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Product Code: 8011

ISBN: 978-1-922866-12-7

Pages: 140

Five major world faiths – Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam – are examined. Students will appreciate the areas of agreement and disagreement in teaching and theology and understand how this influences the lives of their respective believers. The final chapter – Pluralism – examines and dismantles the modern ‘economy of effort’ approach towards faith and belief. 

How does A Doubter’s Guide to World Religions fit within a broader RE program? 

This enormously popular unit is set at a senior level when students are most able to intellectually wrestle with the conflicting claims of different faiths on key questions of life and meaning.  

Now for the first time with a teacher’s manual with background notes, further reading and numerous extension activities.  

Free access to PowerPoints available for purchasers of this product at CEP Teacher’s Lounge.

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