I Saw a Lamb - The Cross in Revelation

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I Saw a Lamb - The Cross in Revelation
Michael Raiter

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Product Code: 4635

ISBN: 978-1-925879-77-3

Format: Paperback

Pages: 134

Released: Oct 6, 2020

Publisher/Imprint: Anglican Press Australia

Weight: 0.28kg

In these 40 daily devotions, Michael Raiter reminds readers of the God of the Bible who made the world and brings relief in an age where many feel hopeless and anxious about the future. Using the book of Revelation, we are introduced to the Lamb of God who is the Lord Jesus, who has been exalted and given authority over all things. Michael explains the simple but profound message of comfort that the book of Revelation brings to the Church, while also exploring God’s word on deeper levels. Perfect as a preparation for Lent, or at any other time of the year.


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