Youth Ministry

If you're working with teens, you need all the help you can get. Here you'll find a number of series and Bible studies written for young people at all stages of their Christian walk. Plus there are titles designed to get you thinking through youth ministry from every angle.

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Psalms: Praying Through Good Times and Bad (Revised)

Do you ever find it difficult to know how to pray? When life is ‘up and down’, is it difficult to trust God knows what he is doing? These studies look at how God’s Old Testament people called on him in good times and bad, so today we can learn to do the same.

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1 Thessalonians: The Changed Life

What does it mean to follow Jesus? What changes does it bring? In these updated studies, the book of 1 Thessalonians answers these questions with advice on a variety of topics including: dealing with persecution; relating to the opposite sex; Christian leadership and much more!

From $4.76