You: An Introduction – Student Handbook

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ISBN 978-1-922000-77-4
Type Paperback
Pages 60
Released 2013
Released CEP
You: An Introduction explores what it means to be human beings who are made and saved by God. For years 9–10.

(For years 9–10 | 15 lessons)

Who are you? Who should you be? This question can be so difficult to answer, and yet it’s so important! We make a statement about who we are by what we wear, what we buy, how we speak, what we decide to put Facebook ... but is this really us?

In You: An Introduction, students will explore the different aspects of what it means to be human, and consider the purpose God made them to serve, and the difference Jesus makes to all of this.

> Also available as an interactive digital student handbook.

Recommended to be used alongside, Michael Jensen's book of the same name (sold separately).


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