Unit 9 - Responding to God A to Z


In Matthew and Luke we investigate the extraordinary claims that Jesus made for himself. Then we see how different people responded to Jesus. The parables of the sower and the great banquet encourage us to listen when God calls us. Concludes with a choice of two Easter lessons.

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Adventure 9 - Child's Component

Ten punch-out cards containing Bible verses, prayers, word puzzles and illustrations from each lesson that the children can take home. You will need one Child's Component for each child in your group.

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Adventure 9 - Digital Leader's Manual

A clear exposition of the different steps involved in how children develop faith – believing, imagining, trusting and doing – presents teachers with the elements necessary for children to grow in their relationship with Christ.


Adventure 9 - Digital Leader's Pack

Contains a copy of the Digital Leader's Manual, a soft copy of the Child's component, and visual aids - everything needed for a kids@church lesson. Once purchased, this unlimited download will appear in the downloadable products section of your account page.


Adventure 9 - Leader's Manual

Each lesson begins with detailed notes on the background and theology of the passage. Suggested activities introduce the day’s theme and capture the children’s imagination to learn about God, his world, and his son, our saviour, Jesus Christ.