Unit 6 - Jesus' followers tell others

Acts, 1 Corinthians, 1 Peter

Jesus promises to send a helper for his people. We hear about the coming of the Spirit and the growth of the early church among both Jews and Gentiles. God's people learn to live to serve Him, and one another, as the body of the risen Christ.

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Adventure 6 - Digital Leader's Manual

Each lesson begins with detailed notes on the background and theology of the passage. An exposition of the steps involved in how children develop faith – believing, imagining, trusting and doing – gives teachers the elements necessary for children to grow in their relationship with Christ.


Adventure 6 - Digital Leader's Pack

Contains a copy of the Digital Leader's Manual, a soft copy of the Child's component, and visual aids - everything needed for a kids@church lesson. Once purchased, this unlimited download will appear in the downloadable products section of your account page.