Unit 4 - Jesus teaches about God's kingdom

Matthew and Mark

This unit covers the gospels and teaching about God's Kingdom. Jesus shows that he can forgive sins and has power to heal. Jesus shows us how to love one another and how to worship our heavenly father. This unit includes two Christmas sessions.

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Serious Play 4 - Child's Component

Bright coloured press-outs used each week in an activity to help illustrate the learning from that session.

From $2.50

Serious Play 4 - Digital Leader's Manual

The PDF manual includes lesson aims and outcomes, memory verse and prayer ideas and comprehensive lesson outlines.


Serious Play 4 - Digital Leader's Pack

Contains a copy of the Digital Leader's Manual, a soft copy of the Child's component, and visual aids - everything needed for a kids@church lesson. Once purchased, this unlimited download will appear in the downloadable products section of your account page.


Serious Play 4 - Leader's Manual

Each lesson begins with notes on the background and theology of the day’s passage. Suggested activities to ‘start-up’ the lesson introduce the day’s theme and capture the children’s imagination. Each lesson concludes with activities to bring the lesson all together and a prayer.