The Word War

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ISBN 978-1-922000-78-1
Type Hardback
Pages 32
Released 2014
Imprint Growing Faith
Lucy and Zac were the best of friends … until a war of words—silly, thoughtless words—began to fire from both sides.

Lucy and Zac were the best of friends … until a war of words—silly, thoughtless words—began to fire from both sides.Such words are powerful weapons that can wound and anger the people we care about. But ultimately, Lucy and Zac realise that one particular word, ‘sorry’, when coupled with its response ‘I forgive you’ can break down any barrier. 

The Word War encourages children aged 4–8 to use words as a way to build and sustain relationships by the way they speak and respond to others. As Jesus taught us, we should also be quick to forgive, because God never holds back his forgiveness when we say sorry.



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The Word War demonstrates visually what we know instinctively: that our words are powerful, both as weapons of war and as ambassadors for peace.
- Katrina Roe, children's author and radio host

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About the author

Mark Hadley has been a professional writer for 25 years, creating award-winning documentaries and television series, including Christian productions like The Christ Files and The Life of Jesus. He is a regular on the national radio program Open House and a columnist for sixteen Christian publications across Australia. Mark and his wife Maia live an adventure that centres on three young sons in the suburbs of Sydney.