The Spirit – Student Handbook

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ISBN 978-1-925041-63-7
Type Paperback
Pages 44
Released 2015
Imprint CEP
Ten lessons on the significance of the Holy Spirit and how he is the giver of life. For years 10–12.

(For years 10–12 | 10 lessons)

To many, the Holy Spirit is the least known, most confusing and ambiguous person of the Trinity. He is often misrepresented, overplayed, or outright ignored. The Bible clearly teaches that the Spirit is essential to creating, shaping, and guiding the lives of Christians.

This curriculum encourages students to explore ‘Who is the Holy Spirit?’, ‘Is he a “he” or an “it”?’, ‘How do I “get” him?’, ‘Should I want him?’ and ‘Why is he important to following Jesus?’.

It reinforces the extraordinary uniqueness and work of the Holy Spirit to transform individuals and communities, to bring about salvation, and to grow character and holiness.

Adapted from Edward Surrey’s book, The Spirit (sold separately).

> Also available as an interactive digital student handbook.


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