The Resurrection – Student Handbook

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ISBN 978-1-925041-34-7
Type Paperback
Pages 64
Released 2014
Imprint CEP
By systematically reviewing the evidence and by investigating counterclaims about the resurrection, students can reflect on their own belief and the meaning of the resurrection of Jesus for their lives. For years 10–11.

(For years 10–11 | 8 lessons)

The resurrection of Jesus—why is it important and what does it tell us about Jesus and Christianity today? If students are to confidently take up a personal faith, it’s crucial they have the opportunity to systematically review the evidence and investigate counterclaims of this extraordinary event in history.

This curriculum unapologetically opens the door for all possible theories – the swoon, the legend, the stolen body and the hallucination – to be explored and discussed before the historical, bodily evidence of Jesus’ resurrection is placed under the microscope.

An engaging resource, students will be challenged to reflect on their beliefs and what the meaning of Christ’s resurrection may have on their own lives.

> Also available as an interactive digital student handbook.


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