The Supadays series are perfect for those times during the year when you just need a one-day program for Infants and Primary School-aged children (five to 12 years old). It might be a staff development (pupil free) day ministry, a one-off special event or a program to minister to children at a Parish weekend away. Whatever the event may be, Supadays are geared to cater for both churched and un-churched children, making them a wonderful Gospel opportunity to reach out into your local community. 

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Supadays: Come to My Party!

Come to My Party! uses Jesus’ parable of the Great Banquet from Luke 14:15–24 to share God’s invitation to each of us to come to his eternal party in heaven.


Supadays: Lost & Found

An energetic one-day program that introduces children aged five to 12 to the concepts of sin and redemption.


Supadays: Time Traveller

An innovative one-day program giving children aged five to 12 an overview of Jesus’ life and encourages them to trust the historical evidence that Jesus.