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Christian SRE lessons are prepared from a set curriculum and delivered by an authorised teacher provided by one of your local churches.

The material includes teaching manuals, teaching aids, student activity books, music and other activities that are age and stage appropriate and designed to meet the needs of children in each class.

During the lesson the teaching and learning activities are designed to help engage each child with the Bible and help them understand the basics of the Christian faith.

You are free at any time to talk to your child's SRE teacher about the content of the lesson or to view the curriculum.

Sample Curriculum for Primary School

Beginning with God is a one year program designed for students entering their first year of school. It assumes no background Bible knowledge and introduces the Christian faith in an age appropriate way.



Connect is a Bible-based curriculum designed to engage students week by week through music, drama reading and writing, puzzle solving , drawing and asking questions. This curriculum is child-related. It is designed to engage minds and emotions as well as develop the skills needed to understand tthe Christian faith and how it applies to life. 



Big Questions is designed for students in their last year of primary school who are ready to explore some big issues, sharing their own opinions and investigate the Bible for themselves.




WhySRE? website

This website is designed for parents of primary school children to explain the workings and benefits of Special Religious Education (SRE). It features answers to commonly asked questions, information about SRE policies, samples of curriculum, information about who teaches SRE and what training they have, as well as useful parenting resources.

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