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The Spirit – Digital Student Handbook

This curriculum encourages students to explore ‘Who is the Holy Spirit?’, ‘Is he a “he” or an “it”?’, ‘How do I “get” him?’, ‘Should I want him?’ and ‘Why is he important to following Jesus?’.

PLEASE NOTE: This product is only available for purchase in class sets on an annual calendar-year subscription. For more information, call 02 8268 3344.


The Spirit — Giver of Life

In his easy-to-read style, Edward Surrey uses stories, humour, and loads of the Bible to teach us about the Holy Spirit.


Hope for a Shattered World – Teacher's Manual

Hope for a Shattered World presents the worldview of the Bible found in Genesis 1-11. It allows students to compare it to their own understanding of reality and to evaluate its claims and relevance for life today. For years 10–12.


Hope for a Shattered World – Student Handbook

Engaging activities and thought-provoking discussion ideas provide an opportunity to engage with the early chapters of the Bible. For years 10–12.