Rise Up and Rock (CD)

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Type CD
Released 2015
Imprint CEP
Classic kids songs to encourage kids to know God's truth and grow in Christ.

The new Quiz Worx CD features 19 classic kids' songs such as ‘I am the Way’, ‘Father Abraham’ and ‘Blind Man’. Each song has been given a Quiz Worx make over (ie. Rocked up!), and is a great way to encourage kids to know God’s truths and grow in Christ.
Featuring special guests Colin Buchanan, Ben Pakula, and Scruff the Dog.


Track List

1. Scruff and Roz: Hi!
2. This is the Day

3. I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life

4. O, Magnify the Lord
5. Blind Man
6. Scruff and Roz: Guide Dog
7. God is So Good / Rejoice
8. What a Friend We Have in Jesus
9. King of Kings and Lord of Lords

10. God Said to Noah

11. Scruff and Roz: Knock, Knock
12. I Walk By Faith
13. Love the Lord Your God (feat. Nobee One)
14. Scruff and Ben: Bring the Rock
15. 1, 2, 3, Jesus Loves Me
16. Scruff and Ben: Too Much Rock?
17. 1, 2, 3, Jesus Loves Me (acoustic)
18. Our God is a Great Big God
19. Allelu, Allelu (Praise Ye the Lord)
20. Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
21. Scruff and Colin: Can I Help?
22. Peter and John Went to Pray
23. Scruff and Colin: Rise Up and Rock
24. He is the King
25. Wide, Wide as the Ocean

26. Father Abraham

27. Scruff and Roz: Father Who?
28. Family of God
29. Scruff and Roz: Bye!
30. Out-takes


Rise Up and Rock is an album set to stir listeners both young and old to join together in worship and praise of our great God via some energetic and charged up kids songs that have been reworked from the last 50+ years! The songs on this album will be familiar to adults, but exciting and relevant to children today. As children aged as young as two years old listen and rock out to this album, adults won't be able to hold back their smiles as they hear songs from their childhood being reintroduced to a brand new generation of children. Rise Up and Rock is perfect for kids clubs, church gatherings, beach missions, family car trips or even a family rock out session at home. - Mark Schroder, Children's and Youth Minister at Campbelltown Anglican Churches


Matt Gorton and Scruff the Dog (also voiced by Matt Gorton) was interviewed on Vision Radio Network’s program Rise & Shine.

Quiz Worx’s Matt Gorton, Chris Gray and Scruff the Dog (also voiced by Matt Gorton) was interviewed on Lime FM.