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What If?

This easy-to-read book gives the beginnings of answers to some of life's biggest questions.


Jesus - A King is Born! (The Christmas story)

Looking for a gift for your Sunday School class, scripture class, or for other little people in your life? The greatest gift at Christmas is the one God gave us! Jesus - A King is Born introduces children to our Saviour King.

From $2.00

Peter at the Cross (Lenten Studies)

In these 40 daily devotions, David Mulready explores the historical events surrounding the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, mostly through the eyewitness accounts of the Apostle Peter.

From $9.86

Shadows of the Cross (Lenten Studies)

In these 40 daily devotions, Michael Raiter encourages readers to reflect on the death of the Lord Jesus by exploring how the Old Testament foretold the coming of the death of the Messiah.

From $9.86

Christmas: God's gift ... the Saviour (Comic)

This fun and lively comic tells the story of the birth of Jesus, God's promised saviour of the world, based on Matthew 1-2 and Luke 1-2. It makes an ideal Christmas gift for children aged 8-11 in both church and school groups.

From $1.00

Looking for the King at Christmas (Comic)

This new children's comic looks at two kings: Herod, the King of Judea and Jesus, God's true king. Ideal for Christmas outreach, this bright and engaging comic encourages children aged 7 to 12 to trust and follow Jesus as their King and Saviour.

From $1.00

Christmas for Kids

This book contains crafts, dramas, music suggestions, art ideas, gift-making, and heaps of teaching tips designed to help you keep the focus on Jesus at Christmas. Includes a CD of CEP's best Christmas songs, visual aids and powerpoint presentations.


Christmas Card Tear-Off Pad

This pad contains 35 tear-off A5 Christmas cards - a great way to buy large numbers of cards for scripture classes or Sunday school groups. Inside, the Christmas story is beautifully illustrated and there is room to write a personal message.


This Child

Six sessions on the birth of the long-awaited Saviour. Designed for use at Christmas. Includes a music CD.


John: The Shepherd King

John's Gospel gives more details about people, times and places than the other three gospels combined. His purpose was to assure readers that he was an eyewitness and that they could have assurance that Jesus was the Christ.


Luke: An Unexpected God

John G. Mason charts a course through Luke’s Gospel for today’s readers, drawing from his many years of study of this account of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. Now Available!


Mark: The Servant King

Mark is the shortest of the Gospels and the most action-filled. Paul Barnett’s explanation of it helps readers to understand the world of Jesus more clearly and to respond to his claims on their lives with greater energy.