No Turning Back – Student Handbook

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ISBN 978-1-921137-52-5
Type Paperback
Pages 40
Released 2005
Imprint CEP
Presented over six lessons, this resource challenges students to examine for themselves the gospel that the Christians in Ephesus accepted. Here is an opportunity for an authentic, fulfilling life that when properly understood is too good to pass up. For years 9 –11.
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(For years 9–11 | 6 lessons)

No Turning Back presents six timeless biblical themes from Paul’s letter to the Ephesians that continue to resonate with people today.

On offer is grace, forgiveness, light in the darkness, a true place to belong, a lavish inheritance, and new life. This curriculum highlights life’s greatest offer made possible by Jesus, and encourages students to set to one side preconceptions about religion, church and Christians in order to examine the essential message of faith.

No Turning Back shares the stories of real people and the impact of the gospel in the lives of those who have accepted it. When properly understood the opportunity for an authentic, fulfilling life is too good to pass up.


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