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Mistaken Identity? – Teacher's Manual


Mistaken Identity? presents the real Jesus and highlights the difference he makes to life both now and in the future. Jesus is a dynamic and surprising person who cannot be ignored. For years 7–9.


Mistaken Identity? – Student Handbook


This student handbook is designed to get students wrestling with Mark's Gospel and includes text related questions, historical backgrounds, interviews with contemporary Christians, and discussions on how to apply the learning to their lives. For years 7–9.


Birds and Bees by the Book

Designed for parents and carers to read with children aged 7 to 10, 'Birds and Bees by the Book' creates a safe space for answering questions about sexuality, gender and identity. (6 book pack)


A Spectator's Guide to World Views – Student Handbook

Engaging activities and thought-provoking discussion provide an opportunity to engage with World Views. For years 10–12.


A Spectator's Guide to World Views – Teacher's Manual

A Spectator's Guide to World Views presents ten of society's most influential voices for understanding life. It helps students to navigate their way beyond the school gate with a framework through which to filter the dominant voices of our secular culture. For years 10–12.


Colin’s New Testament Big Bible Story Songs

Colin’s New Testament Big Bible Story Songs explodes with 13 amazing new Colin songs that bring to life a colourful cast of New Testament bible characters and their stories!


Shadows of the Cross (Lenten Studies)

In these 40 daily devotions, Michael Raiter encourages readers to reflect on the death of the Lord Jesus by exploring how the Old Testament foretold the coming of the death of the Messiah.

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Colour the Word

Be inspired and take time out to colour and create with these beautiful hand-drawn illustrations featuring some of the Bible’s most uplifting words.


Jesus - A King is Born! (The Christmas story) Jumbo Edition

The greatest gift at Christmas is the one God gave us! Jesus - A King is Born introduces children to our Saviour King.


The Mighty Mighty King Christmas Book

Beautifully illustrated, this book looks at why we celebrate Christmas.