Lovely Jubbly (CD)

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One of the UK’s leading children’s songwriters, Doug Horley's album features catchy pop tunes, jumpin’ dancin' tracks and action songs.


Here is a sizzling collection of praise and worship songs by Doug Horley, one of the UK’s leading children’s songwriters. It features catchy pop songs, jumpin’ dancin' tracks, action songs and some great quieter songs. And Harry and Larry (Doug’s wacky puppets) add some hilarious contributions as well. It’s fun, it’s funky and it’s packed with truth. Lovely jubbly!

Tracklist includes:

Run the race
Let it out!
Harry and Larry - ‘What?’
I’m gonna jump up and down (Be happy!)
Harry and Larry and a bunch of animals!
Lovely Jubbly
Harry and Larry and some special guests
God loves me
Harry and Larry and the greenhouse
Small is the gate
Can sheep speak Danish?
Talk talk
Any kind of weather
Every day that I live
24 – 7
What love is this?