Hope for a Shattered World – Teacher's Manual

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ISBN 1-921137-69-X
Type Paperback
Pages 71
Released 2006
Imprint CEP
Hope for a Shattered World presents the worldview of the Bible found in Genesis 1-11. It allows students to compare it to their own understanding of reality and to evaluate its claims and relevance for life today. For years 10–12.
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(For years 10–12 | 8 lessons)

Hope for a Shattered World challenges senior students to consider the message of Genesis 1–11. These opening chapters present the Bible’s bedrock picture of reality—who God is and what he is like; who we are; what the state of the world is and where we fit in; and where hope can be found.

How these truths are interpreted can have profound implications for how one views the universe, themselves and other people.

This curriculum allows critical examination of the claims of the writer of Genesis, and invites students to make comparisons to their own understanding of reality and with other possible conflicting systems of thought. 

The teacher's manual contains movie and song ideas, news articles, discussion ideas and more offering a wide range of choice and allowing for a variety of contexts. Background notes give clear direction for each chapter.


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