GYD Book 3: Life to the Max

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ISBN 978-1-925041-14-9
Type Paperback
Pages 26
Released 1992
Imprint CEP
A Christian’s life isn’t meant to be weighed down by rules—we should live life to the max! But the only way to do this is to live life God’s way.
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A Christian’s faith isn’t meant to be weighed down by rules that take the fun out of life—it should be the foundation for living life to the max!

This doesn’t mean being careless or not thinking of others. It’s about living life to the full under God’s guidance and love.

Presented in five short Bible studies, Life to the Max challenges young people to live life fully by trusting Jesus, offers wisdom to deal with temptation, and inspires teens to generously love and forgive, just like our mighty God!

This is the third book in the Growing Young Disciples series by Australian Tim Hawkins.

Studies include:

  • Trusting Jesus
  • Overcoming temptation
  • Loving like God does
  • Forgiving like God does
  • Giving like God does



About the author

Tim Hawkins is one of the most experienced Christian youth pastors in Australia, with about 35 years under his belt. His books and resources are revolutionising youth ministry around the world, and are now being used as training manuals in many Bible colleges. Currently Tim and his wife Karen are serving in South Africa where Tim is training pastors and leaders to raise up the next generation of leaders to share the gospel.