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Finding Your Way – Student Handbook

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ISBN 978-1-921460-39-5
Type Paperback
Pages 44
Released 2010
Imprint CEP
Finding Your Way shows students the key themes of the Bible: God's faithfulness to a wayward people, the fulfilment of ancient promises in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and the hope that today's Christians have as they await the new creation promised in Revelation. For years 7–8.

(For years 78 | 8 lessons)

Finding Your Way leads students through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, honing in on the events and characters which God used to achieve his amazing and sometimes baffling purposes.

The student handbook provides opportunities not only for reading and learning, but also for journaling, drawing and reflection. The discussion questions help students to remember and work through the concepts they come across in the Bible and how these apply to their everyday lives.

> Also available as an interactive digital student handbook.


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