Exodus YW Bible Study

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ISBN 978-1-925041-99-6
Type Paperback
Pages 56
Released 2016
Imprint Youthworks
This study explores the events in the book of Exodus. 11 studies.
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Who is the Lord? There is no more important question in life, and it is one we all have to answer. But how can we know we’ve got the right response? In the breathtaking action and adventure of Exodus, through the disaster of Egypt and the miracle at the Red Sea, we see God’s answer as he reveals himself as sender of judgement, but also as the trustworthy keeper of promises and the powerful saviour of his people.

About the Author
Mike Everett is grateful to God for his saving grace, his wife and boys and his spiritual family at St Paul’s Anglican Carlingford/North Rocks. Mike was discipled as a young Christian and has himself been involved in discipling other young Christians for 20+ years.

About the Youthworks Bible Study Series
More than ever, young people today need answers to life’s big questions. The Youthworks Bible Study Series is designed to challenge and encourage young people to be confident in their faith in Jesus in a changing world. The studies have been written by experienced youth leaders and are arranged into Old Testament, New Testament and Topical.