Connect: B2 Lower Primary Teacher's Manual

Products specifications
ISBN 978-1-922000-07-1
Type Paperback
Pages 217
Released 2012
Imprint CEP
20 lessons exploring how God makes and keeps his promises from the Old and New Testament.

Connect B2 resources are currently being revised, and will not be available for purchase until late 2017. Please click on the button below to pre-order.


As a Bible-based curriculum, Connect is jam-packed with many new lessons which have been designed to engage students' minds and emotions, as well as develop the skills needed for students to explore the nature and context of the Christian faith.

The Lower Primary Teacher's Manual contains extensive lesson background notes for teacher's preparation, clear lesson aims and outcomes that focus on the students' lives, values and attitudes, and extended range of extra activities for those with more time or who prefer to use alternative teaching methods.

Each Teacher's manual contains a CD of songs, dramas and sound effects, and a second CD-ROM of PowerPoint presentations for each lesson, including all the words to the songs, and all the prayers. This second CD-ROM also contains the Lesson aims and outcomes for the semester on one PDF, as well as tips for using interactive whiteboards.