Colin's Crackers (CD)

A hand-picked selection of Colin Buchanan's second decade of classics.

Across Australia and across the globe, families, churches and schools have echoed with the sound of happy voices singing and celebrating God's truth with Colin.  Picking up where Colin's Favourites left off - and with a surprise previously unreleased Colin & Nudge jam session - stand by to celebrate a second decade of hand-picked classics.

Whether a Colin newcomer or veteran fan, this album is a must-have!

Tracklist includes:

Jesus Number 1
God United
Super Saviour
The Jesus Hokey Pokey
Give it a Nudge
Are You Serving Cap’n Jesus
God Rock
Dig! Dig! Hammer! Saw! (Building on the Lord)
God Never Says Oops
Boss of the Cross
Survival Man
Big Words that End in Shun
Open Your Ears to God’s Word (The Horsey Dance)
Birds Were Made For Flying
Jingle Jingle Jesus
Super Chef
The Best Things About Easter (Jesus is Alive)
Jesus is the HeroHo-Hohemian Christmas Rhapsody
I Cannot Come (featuring Nudge)
Be Careful Little Eyes (featuring Nudge)
Blind Man (featuring Nudge)
Pass It On (featuring Nudge)
Stop What You’re Doing And Pray to Jesus (featuring Nudge)
Live in the Gospel
You’s Like Jesus