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Church of the Triune God-DISCONTINUED

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ISBN 978-1-922000-85-9
Type Paperback
Pages 224
Released 2013
Imprint Aquila Press
Church of the Triune God explores the work of the Trinity in the Church today

Church of the Triune God explores the work of the Trinity in the Church today in conversation with key theologians such as Calvin and Augustine, and explores how the three persons of the Trinity are active in the different aspects of church life, such as prayer, preaching and mission. The Anglican context is also considered in the light of contemporary confusion and controversy.

Edited by: Michael P Jensen.
Contributors include: Mark Baddeley, Mark D Thompson, John McClean, Ashley Null, Peter G Bolt, Benjamin Dean, Rory Shiner, Andrew JB Cameron, Kanishka Raffel, Chew-Chern Morgan and Greg Anderson.



The Trinity really is at the heart of all of theology, and affects how we engage with the rest of doctrine—although it’s not always easy to work out exactly how. This book helps to do a lot of that work, pointing out how Father, Son, and Spirit are at the centre of revelation, salvation, the nature of the church, prayer, preaching, evangelism, and so much more. (Read full article)
- Sam Freney, The Briefing