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Look here for books that explore how the Gospel interacts with contemporary life and offer help for Christians wishing to live out their faith.

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A Short Book About Jesus

Paul Barnett assesses the historical evidence for the existence of Jesus; the truthfulness of the Gospel accounts; and the plausibility of the historical case that can be made for the rise of Christianity as a result of Jesus’ ministry.

$19.95 $14.96

A Spectator's Guide to World Religions (Third Edition)

Written in John Dickson's characteristically non-technical and readable style, this book urges the reader to become more than mere spectators when approaching the religions of the world.


Colour the Word

Be inspired and take time out to colour and create with these beautiful hand-drawn illustrations featuring some of the Bible’s most uplifting words.


REAP Journal - Adult Edition

If you’re training to be an athlete, you’ll no doubt have a daily workout or regime. So, how do you train to be godly? By devoting yourself to the word of God and being disciplined in allocating time to its study and meditation!


GPS: God's Plan for Salvation

GPS: God's Plan for Salvation aims to give readers direction in finding their way around in the Bible, highlighting what shapes and holds it together. More importantly, it’s to help Christians live in line with God’s great purposes, in a way that truly honours him.


Paul: A Pastor's Heart

Paul Barnett’s insightful and sensitive consideration of Paul’s situation and character, seen in his second letter to the Corinthians, sheds precious light on this Paul as he sought to pastor this ‘difficult’ church in its early and turbulent years.

$16.95 $12.71

666 and All That: The Truth About the Future

What we know of the future of the world is not as complex as many people think. '666 and all that' looks at what the Bible says (and does not say) about the future. Some readers will be disturbed, comforted, humbled and hopefully thrilled. A great read slashed to a ridiculously low price!

$14.95 $2.95

A Life Already Started

Positive paths in unplanned pregnancy


A Life Already Started - Discussion Guide

This practical resource is a discussion guide for individuals and church groups to use in conjunction with A Life Already Started by Dr Megan Best.


The Best Sex for Life

A good marriage includes a happy and fulfilling sex life — that’s the way God planned it!