For ages 5-7

Adventure is for children aged 5 to 7 who learn best through a range of activities. The syllabus caters for a variety of learning styles that can be adapted to suit the children in each class.

Each program contains:
Teacher's Manual, Teacher's Pack and Child's Component.

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Adventure 10 - Leader's Manual

Each lesson begins with detailed notes on the background and theology of the passage. Suggested activities introduce the day’s theme and capture the children’s imagination to learn about God, his world, and his son, our saviour, Jesus Christ.


Adventure 10 - Leader's Pack

Contains a Leader’s Manual, a single Child’s Component and a pack of Visual Aid posters. The Leader’s Pack has all that you’ll ever need to run an Adventure lesson.


Adventure 11 - Child's Component

Two posters entitled 'My travels in time' show ten scenes (one from each lesson) in full colour of the life of Jesus. The cleansing of the temple, the healing of the blind man, Jesus’ transfiguration – all are depicted on these bright and cheerful posters. Nb: You will need one Child's Component for each child in your group.

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Adventure 11 - Digital Leader's Manual

Each lesson aim is succinctly stated as is the desired knowledge, understanding and life application. Suggested activities introduce the day’s theme while critical teaching points are presented in bold so as to not be overlooked. Each lesson contains a memory verse.