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Romans: Dust to Destiny

David Seccombe shows how the letter to the Romans invites ordinary people to come into friendship with an extraordinary God and experience the quality of life for which we were created.


Galatians: Defending the Truth

Galatians gives its readers an insight into Paul’s life as a Pharisee and persecutor, and the change brought about through his amazing conversion


2 Timothy - Finishing the Race

A combination of explanations and study questions form the basis of this commentary by Christopher Green. Chris brings alive the Apostle Paul’s urging to keep the faith, despite our fears and failings.


Hebrews: The Majestic Son

Learn more about the theology of Hebrews and its encouragements to faith and obedience in this commentary by Dr Peter Adam. The questions at the end of each section are ideal for personal reflection, family discussion or small group study.


James: The Wisdom of the Brother of Jesus

More than most books in the Bible, James shoots straight from the hip. With little time for sophisticated rhetoric and fine argument, James simply and urgently calls on Christians to look like real believers.


1 Peter: Living Hope

The first letter of Peter is a broad-brush sketch of the Christian life from beginning to end. This beautifully written and spiritually powerful letter will bring great rewards to those who study it carefully.


Revelation: Apocalypse Now and Then

No longer should readers feel intimidated by the book of Revelation. Paul Barnett highlights its major message while at the same time applying that message to our situation today.