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A Life Already Started - Discussion Guide

This practical resource is a discussion guide for individuals and church groups to use in conjunction with A Life Already Started by Dr Megan Best.


Ezra and Nehemiah: Walking in God's Words

Peter Adam highlights the power of the word of God in period, both as it was fulfilled in the restoration of his people, and its leaders Ezra and Nehemiah, urging them to make the backbone of their new life.


Proverbs: The Tree of Life

Well-known scholar of biblical theology Dr Graeme Goldsworthy outlines the message and thematic structure of the book of Proverbs. His insights are carefully integrated with the overall message of the Bible.


Isaiah: Surprising Salvation

The complex and majestic book of Isaiah is full of danger, trust, transformation and judgment. This new commentary by Kirk Patston's is ideal for the everyday reader.


Daniel: Kingdoms in Conflict

Andrew Reid reveals how the book of Daniel explains much about the person of Jesus and the nature of his work. Here we meet the Kingdom of God, the one like a Son of Man, the Saints of the Most High and the Abomination of Desolation.


Nahum, Habakkuk and Zephaniah

Martin Pakula demonstrates how these minor prophets have much to teach us about suffering, the problem of evil, and how God has dealt with it in the Israelites’ day and in ours.


Mark: The Servant King

Mark is the shortest of the Gospels and the most action-filled. Paul Barnett’s explanation of it helps readers to understand the world of Jesus more clearly and to respond to his claims on their lives with greater energy.


Luke: An Unexpected God

John G. Mason charts a course through Luke’s Gospel for today’s readers, drawing from his many years of study of this account of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. Now Available!


John: The Shepherd King

John's Gospel gives more details about people, times and places than the other three gospels combined. His purpose was to assure readers that he was an eyewitness and that they could have assurance that Jesus was the Christ.


Romans: Dust to Destiny

David Seccombe shows how the letter to the Romans invites ordinary people to come into friendship with an extraordinary God and experience the quality of life for which we were created.


Galatians: Defending the Truth

Galatians gives its readers an insight into Paul’s life as a Pharisee and persecutor, and the change brought about through his amazing conversion


2 Timothy - Finishing the Race

A combination of explanations and study questions form the basis of this commentary by Christopher Green. Chris brings alive the Apostle Paul’s urging to keep the faith, despite our fears and failings.