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Christianity: A Pocket Guide (Tract)

This foldout tract explains very simply what Christians believe and what it means to follow Christ. Small enough to fit in a wallet, this tract is worth having on you at all times.


Does Your Relationship with God Need Mending? (Youth Tract)

How do we mend a broken relationship with God? Only by grace, only in Christ, only through faith and only by hearing God's word. This little tract highlights our core gospel beliefs in a way that is simple and relevant. Designed for young people who want to know how to mend a broken relationship with God, this is a perfect tract to give away in all areas of ministry with young people.


Genesis: Salvation Begins

Andrew Reid is the author of several books and Bible studies, including a commentary on Daniel (see below). In Salvation Begins, he gives readers a framework for appreciating the Old Testament as Christian scripture.


GPS: God's Plan for Salvation

GPS: God's Plan for Salvation aims to give readers direction in finding their way around in the Bible, highlighting what shapes and holds it together. More importantly, it’s to help Christians live in line with God’s great purposes, in a way that truly honours him.


The Best Sex for Life

A good marriage includes a happy and fulfilling sex life — that’s the way God planned it!


A Sneaking Suspicion (Fifth Edition)

John Dickson's classic inquiry into the Christian faith is as relevant as ever in our post-modern, relativistic age.


Exodus: Saved for Service

Andrew encourages readers to explore in the amazing work of God through his servant Moses and the miraculous acts he performed to rescue his people and show the world his glory.


If I Were God, I'd End All the Pain

Why does God allow suffering? If God is all powerful and loving why is there so much pain in the world? In this short book John Dickson looks at what the world says about suffering before turning to the Bible to see what it says about God, justice and suffering.


Matthew: A Great Light Dawns

Peter G Bolt leads readers through the account of Matthew, an historian, theologian and evangelist, who brings to us the life of Jesus and the hope of the kingdom to come.


Shadows of the Cross (Lenten Studies)

In these 40 daily devotions, Michael Raiter encourages readers to reflect on the death of the Lord Jesus by exploring how the Old Testament foretold the coming of the death of the Messiah.

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Tactics for Teen Ministry

Your go-to resource for building a vibrant youth ministry that is focused on growing disciples of Jesus


Youth Ministry on the Front Foot

The truth is, the youth of any generation need to hear and accept this gospel! Youth Ministry on the Front Foot tackles the unique opportunities and challenges of ministry to this age group through the wisdom of experienced youth ministers with a passion for seeing teenagers come to Christ.